Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On Set

I spent the day yesterday on the set of
Fitful in Manistee and was impressed by the teamwork, camaraderie and professionalism shown by all involved.

Larry Joe (photo 5) and Renee (photo 4) are breathing life into their characters "Vigs" and "Paula". I had an opportunity to meet both of them and they are not only extremely talented...they are also both really kind individuals.

Fitful's 1st assistant director, Laura Anderson Burnell (photo 3), and script supervisor, Sheryl Hayward (photo 2), are keeping the heartbeat of production on track and accurate.

And what is Rich Brauer (photo 1) doing to celebrate his birthday today? Making a movie and he couldn't be happier.

All the photos included in this post were taken by Beth Price, owner of Priceless Photography. She was on set yesterday and did an amazing job capturing the faces and places of Fitful. Thank you, Beth!


  1. It looks like things are really kicking off. It looks like such a cool feature, I love the look of it, what I've seen so far.
    Also thumbs up for that AWESOME photo of Renée. Thank you!

  2. Nice pictures, thanks for the update.

  3. Wow!!, a complete info from the set, i like that!. Thanks for the update and all pics! =) Happy Birthday to Rich!!!

  4. Thank you Beth Price for taking that fab photo of Renee on set. Thanks for the update from the set, Tracey. :) I hope Rich Brauer had a smooth day of production on his birthday. I look forward to your next update and/or Renee photo. :D