Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Interns

One of our passions at Brauer Productions is mentoring the next generation of film makers and growing and developing new crew members for the industry. We have put 8 interns to work in paid positions on "Fitful".

Pictured are David Johnson, Anthony Sprague, Chelsea Compton, Meg Mertaugh, and Angie Wolverton. All of them took one of the PA classes or workshops Rich taught over the past year and they are learning a lot and having a great time. Not pictured are interns Kelly Perrin, Jenn Ryan, and Shelly Newman.


  1. It's nice to put a face to those people who we'll have to thank for making this feature. Thanks for showing us.

  2. It's a amazing experience to those new filmmakers =) ... and paid! ^_^ Well done Brauer Productions, you have vision!.