Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today and well, really the rest of this week, it's all about taking care of the details. So many elements are set like locations, lodging and catering. Manistee's Chamber has been a huge help in finding the locations and support we need.

The office is humming and the team is working on more logistics and things like trailers for the stars.
Pictured are Rich Brauer (left), Fitful's writer and director, Kim Eckstein (right), associate producer, and Kelly Perrin (center), production coordinator, in the midst of a pre-production meeting. Kim and Kelly have been hard at work and cast and crew packets are together and on their way out the door today.

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  1. Hello! I want to know something :P
    Would you include english and/or spanish subtitles in the movie??
    That's would be very helpful!! Think about it! ;D hehehe THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!