Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DOGMAN Week Two Wrap Up

Week 2 was hugely successful. The team was on schedule and getting everything in the can in spite of weather challenges.

Monday and Tuesday found the crew filming driving shots - with the addition of a snowmobile roaring through the woods on Tuesday.

Wednesday was the deer/car crash scene. A deer was rented from a local source and Special Effects was on the scene to create mayhem. Neighbors were even involved when the crew parking area had to be changed and their driveway and yard served as parking for all our trucks, trailers and cars. Thank you to all those who have been willing to share their resources with us!

Thursday was the first night shoot. There were several locations on a farm that night. There was a very crucial scene which took place during the 'magic hour' - that small window of time between sunset and dark. Fortunately some cloud cover rolled in just prior - so the first two scenes were captured early.

Then, the trickiest scene - the truck crash and fire. The fire department rigged the crashed truck so that on cue it started to burn. Actors were delivering lines as the truck fire got bigger and bigger. The fire cooperated whooshing and puffing just when it ought to (see photo above). Amazing. Then two more scenes and at about 2:30am the crew was packing up and heading home.

Friday was the second night shoot. A few scenes in the woods with Hank (Larry Joe Campbell) were captured in the afternoon and then two more scenes were filmed out in the woods after dark with the Deputy and Hank.

All in all a great week that ended with everyone heading out to enjoy a gorgeous weekend in northern Michigan - you can't beat that.

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