Friday, September 23, 2011

DOGMAN Sightings Continue...and so Does Production

Check out this great piece from 9&10 news on DOGMAN. We love the coverage and production is rolling along without a hitch.

The end of the first week found the crew right on time. Everything that was scheduled for the week was in the can! They had their first Dogman attack and the deputy was in full gear and firing her gun. The crashed bicyclist was quite the trooper. He had two "injuries" to deal with and was on the ground hollering for quite some time.

The EFX team and make up artist got the stamp of approval from local EMS guys - they were also amazing! They were called in early to avoid the predicted rain, the rain never happened, and they ended up filming their scene about the time it was scheduled anyway! They enjoyed watching the process and shared their expertise (and equipment) on camera.

The week was ended at Paul Oliver. For two days we were using their facility - and their personnel. And were lucky to be able to do so. They are doing some remodeling - so we were tucked up in an area that currently isn't being used. It was quiet and secure for us and we were out of everyone's way. Perfect. The hospital staff was amazing - from fixing up a patient room to resemble an ER treatment room to coaching our ER Doctor on protocol. Some of the nurses and office employees even got to be extras.

All that, and our talent and crew are absolutely amazing.

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