Friday, December 18, 2009

"Fitful" Plays to Sold Out Theater

The newest Brauer Productions independent feature Fitful played to a sold out audience Wednesday night at the Traverse City State Theatre. Both stars of the film, Actors Larry Joe Campbell and Renee O’Connor, flew in from Los Angeles to attend the event.

“The fact that 600 people turned out to watch our movie the week before Christmas is another testament to just how supportive of film this community is. A big part of the reason I have been able to keep making films is this amazing place and the people I share it with,” said Brauer.

Michael Moore introduced the film and Brauer, O’Connor and Campbell fielded questions from the audience and talked about their experiences making the movie after the showing.

“I had a great time making Fitful. In fact, I would love to make a movie a year with Rich,” said Campbell. Originally from Cadillac, MI, Campbell said he felt right at home in Manistee where the movie was filmed.

Both Campbell and O’Connor spoke highly of their overall experience making the picture. “I really enjoyed working with Rich,” said O’Connor. “There was a sense of family between Rich, the crew, and us that was truly unique.”

“That’s just how we do things. When you make a small budget indie, a big part of bringing the project together is passion and teamwork.” said Brauer.

The next stop for Fitful will be a premier in LA this spring.

Fitful, a dark comedy/suspense feature written and directed by Michigan Film Maker of the Year Rich Brauer, is Brauer Productions sixth film and the tenth film the company has been involved with overall. For more information about Brauer Productions, Inc. and other features it has produced, visit

Photo provided by Don Rutt.